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Union City California is located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area. It has a very diverse population of around 71,000 people. Residents of Union City enjoy the convenience of several transit systems. The city offers 9 bus lines and a rail system. The city's school district is the New Haven School district which offers students an excellent education and extracurricular activities. Union Landing Shopping center offers a wide variety of stores, restaurants and a theater. Union City California offers a small town atmosphere with the benefits of city living. It is a wonderful place to live.
















Union City Neighborhoods:


Alvarado Industrial West

The Alvarado Industrial West neighborhood is an ideal spot for those who wish to work on the east side of San Francisco Bay. There is a lot of industry in the area which requires a lot of employees. Alvarado Industrial West is the home of many companies, including LA Specialty; Pacific Material Handling; and Finelite. All these corporations are growing astronomically providing a sunny economic future for the neighborhood. These companies will be around a long time as they provide essential services for businesses in the bay area. The neighborhood is relatively new and all are welcomed. This neighborhood is up and coming and filled with great possibilities.


Dry Creek

Dry Creek of Union City, California could be the place you call home tomorrow! Dry Creek is home to many beautiful, unique, and affordable apartments. This neighborhood has its name for a reason. Many of the apartments in this neighborhood offer creek views, gorgeous poolside views, and breath-taking views of all of the gorgeous scenery that the Rolling Hills State Park has to offer. If you enjoy walking, running, or hiking you'll love how relatively close these activities are from your home. You're also only a few minutes’ walk from fabulous shopping experiences, BART transportation services, schools, community parks, banks, and tons more.


Dyer Triangle

Dyer Triangle in Union City, California is a warm, friendly community with a lot of perks. 22% of the current average age of the residents in the neighborhood, range from 30-39 years old with a nice mix of all age groups; indicating a mature, yet balanced community of residents. There is four nearby schools, two nearby restaurants, and four nearby coffee shops, as well as other perks such as retail stores, a shopping mall, banks and even places for pets. Dyer Triangle is a higher income neighborhood, and very nice place to live with lots of local stores.


El Mercado

If community beauty and dining is your thing, you are going to love living in El Mercado of Union City. This neighborhood has so much to offer its residents, but one excellent perk of living here are the multitude of restaurants and shopping centers that are at your disposal. The El Mercado neighborhood is located by Union Square Shopping Center, and is close to Union City's BART station. Thisfhh neighborhood has many Asian supermarkets and restaurants. There are several other restaurants available including famous fast food chains. El Mercado is the ideal neighborhood if you like to live a modern lifestyle.


Hall Ranch

Halls Ranch of Union City, California sits within a 3 mile radius of Veterans Park, a lovely place to take the family. Halls Ranch is a neighborhood with homes built within a modern structure. Halls Ranch also sits right at the bay of the San Pablo Strait, and is short distance from the Oakland International Airport. With lots of business structures, schools, parks, and public areas nearby, this makes Halls Ranch of Union City a convenient place to call home. Homes and apartments in this neighborhood fall into a middle class category. You'll be more than satisfied after moving into the Halls Ranch neighborhood.



If your idea of home is a quiet Cul-De-Sac, friendly local community programs, highly rated schools, shopping centers within walking distance, and lots of local job opportunities, then take a look into the Logan neighborhood of Union City, California. This neighborhood is simply spectacular. James Logan High School, for instance, is the highest rated high school in all of Union City. There are also shopping centers, many other professional establishments, and public transportation available on nearly every single block. If you're after a more traditional, comfortable and safe way of living then Logan of Union City will be the perfect home for you.


Old Alvarado

Old Alvarado is quaint and cozy with a variety of shops, restaurants, and parks. Affordability is a hallmark as rentals average $1,800 monthly; house prices are the least expensive at $230,000. Life will be safe and comfortable around friendly people. Cesar Chavez Park is relaxing. Schools include Alvarado elementary and middle. Paddy's Café is a popular eatery. El Mercado and Union Landing feature great shopping; Bay Area Rapid Transit takes residents everywhere. There's a Farmers' Market every weekend, the Fall Festival is exciting. Victorian homes along Watkins Avenue are stylish. Art shows abound. Old Alvarado offers more for less!


R and D

R and D (Neighborhood) in Union City, California is known to be one of the most beautiful yet expensive places to live. Residents of this neighborhood are known to have high education levels and very high incomes. While this place isn’t considered to be great for nightlife or eating out, there are many parks and recreational activities that residents of this neighborhood can participate in. For those of you with children there are tons of great school to choose from rather it be elementary, middle or high school! Education in the R and D Neighbor is considered as top of the line.


Seven Hills

If you're looking to call a new place home, and you've got your sights set on Union City, California, you need to take a look at what the Seven Hills neighborhood has to offer its residents. If you're moving a family rest assured that they will be taken care of in Seven Hills. Seven Hills of Union City has great schools and local parks that really define the love of our community. The homes in this neighborhood offer predominantly ranch-style homes that are affordable for most looking to move into the area. Florence St. has a lot to offer its residents as far as shopping and jobs are concerned. If you're looking for recreational activities, then you're in luck! Seven Hills is built on mountainous land and is close to the San Pablo Bay and many well-known beaches.


Station District

Are you moving? Why don't you come and call the Station District of Union City home? In 2007, the Station District was transformed into a world-class, solar-powered, international transit hub. This takes traveling and transportation to a whole new level. Apart from the "homey-style" of life, you can be a part of a revolution here in the Station District neighborhood. If you're the type that likes to be involved in community work, then you'll find satisfaction in calling this neighborhood home! The Station District is widely known as a green-friendly neighborhood and welcomes with open arms like-minded individuals. If you're community driven and love the small town atmosphere then why not make this beautiful neighborhood your place to call "home"?


Towne Estates

There are tons of great neighborhoods which are unique and considered safe in different ways. But let’s talk about that and some more. There is a place known as the Towne Estates (Neighborhood) in Union City, California. This neighborhood is considered to be one of the safest yet secure neighborhoods in California. It has many amenities including nearby shopping, parks and even recreational centers for children to enjoy after school hours. Towne Estates also offer nightlife which is great for those who want to relax away from home after a long day a work!


Casa Verde

The Casa Verde neighborhood is perfect for families with children. Most residents own their homes, the neighborhood is full of professionals, and the 880 freeway is close enough to provide easy access. The eight-block-long Casa Verde Park has picnic facilities, basketball courts, an exercise circuit and three separate play areas for kids. Restaurants and shopping are clustered around the Union Landing Center, which offers everything from multiplex theaters to Walmart to TGI Fridays or a tapas and wine bar. Besides the big chain restaurants, there are lots of ethnic eateries too, so you can enjoy Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, or other flavors.


Civic Center

Looking to move to a new neighborhood? Have you checked out Civic Center of Union City? If you've got a family and kids, then you'll take pride in knowing that Civic Center of Union City is higher ranking school district on the West Coast in regards to education. Would you enjoy living by landmarks and well managed establishments? William Cann Civic Center Park has tons of amenities the family will love; large grassy areas for walking or sports, swings and slides for the little ones, and an awesome skate park. If you seek a family oriented place to call home, Civic Center of Union City could be your new home.


You may find that the homey atmosphere of Union City’s Decoto neighborhood may be just what you need for a comfortable life. Classic homes and adorable cottage-style apartments are close to shopping, leisure and schools like Decoto Elementary. Kennedy Park is in the heart of public transportation and restaurants while Dry Creek Park provides plenty of walking trails and a must for the kids. This homey neighborhood has fantastic places to eat like Baldie's Café which serves delicious chicken fried steak and eggs! Everything you need is right here like national banks, Rite Aid pharmacy and Safeway grocery stores.


The Hills

The sun is always shining and the people are friendly in the Hills located in Union City, California. Mission Hills Middle School is popular among parents as it is one of the best and affordable private schools in the Bay area. There are many new-construction homes available to purchase or rent. And the shopping and restaurant locations to choose from, are in the plenty! Goat Hill Pizza is home of some of the best pizza in the state and Union Landing is perfect for all your shopping needs, including a pet and craft store. The Coyote Regional Park offers many trails for exploring the outdoors. There is something fun for everyone to enjoy in the Hills.


Tamarack is a small, quiet neighborhood in Union City that is quite welcoming to visitors and residents alike.
It is home to Mission Hills Middle School, a privately run middle school that also runs an extended day care facility. As a relatively small neighborhood comprised only of a few blocks, Tamarack doesn't have any large businesses, but there is a Starbucks Coffee shop present there. Other businesses located in Tamarack include Tom's Flower Stop and BMP Locksmiths. One of the greatest advantages of living in this quiet neighborhood is that commuting to other places in Union City and the Bay Area is quite easy.


Are you looking to relocate? You need to check out the beautiful houses and apartments located in the Almaden neighborhood of Union City. Sitting right off the 880, the estates in Almaden offer convenient access to and from work, and to many destinations around town. You'll find Town Estates Park, Union Landing Shopping Center, Union Square Market Place, Pioneer Elementary School, James Logan High School, and so much more neighborhood locations within a comfortable distance to Almaden. Also, located in the Southern part of the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay, this neighborhood offers an endless amount of recreational activities along with its fabulous year round weather.



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