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City of Fremont California

Fremont, California is a very large city that has a lot to offer. With everything from great schools, affordable homes, and tons of shopping centers and malls, you'll find there's always something great to be involved in. Most of Fremont's residents love to brag about how close we are to Silicon Valley. Fremont is so close to nature, and it offers its residents the opportunity to hike to the mountains peek and observe some of the city's most spectacular views of the bay area. It's a nice modern and peaceful city if that's what you're after. On the other hand, if you're younger and into the late night scene, then you're only a 15 minute drive from Downtown San Jose, and that's where the party happens! Affordable, quiet, and adequate living all in one place; Fremont, California.




















Fremont Neighborhoods:



If you're looking to move into a neighborhood you aren't familiar with, what are some of the things you might be looking for? If you've got children you might want to know what the neighborhood schools are about. For instance, Brookvale elementary is conveniently located in the central part of the neighborhood. If you are always up to date on the latest fashions you might want to know about what types of shopping centers are around the neighborhood. In central Brookvale you have the Gateway plaza, an all-around great place to shop. Brookvale has an endless amount of amenities available to its residents. One of the most fabulous perks here in Brookvale, is a real old fashioned neighborhood vibe.



Are you looking to move into a neighborhood with a good vibe, plenty of shopping centers, and above all great scenery? Then you really need to make the time to see what Niles has to offer. Located at the bank of Fremont, California, Niles is a neighborhood with excellent schools, convenient shopping, and excellent views. Nile Community Park is a must see if not yet seen. If you love to shop, Fremont Hub Shopping Center is where you need to be! Niles Elementary, Girard Middle School, and Niles High School are all in close proximity of one another. If you're moving into the Niles neighborhood with children, that's a definite plus.



Are you looking for a quaint neighborhood to build a family or raise the children you already have? Seeking a home within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, and neighborhood parks? Why not come by and check out Glenmoor? The Glenmoor community is the proud home of several prestigious schools within the neighborhood. These schools are Fremont Christian School, Glenmoor Elementary School and Washington High school just to name a few. Plaza Park is located at the heart of Glenmoor. The Children's Natural History Museum is just one of the many attractions Glenmoor has to offer.


North Gate

Fremont is a large and growing city in California, with many economic opportunities located therein. Prospective residents may appreciate the chance to learn more about some of the family friendly neighborhoods located therein. North Gate (neighborhood) in Fremont, California has built itself up as a premier venue in the area. Part of the appeal of this location is its close proximity to a few different parks and recreational services. Families will also be impressed by the high quality schools located in the area. The community leaders have taken steps to make this one of the best options for people in the area.



Ardenwood ranks as one of the best neighborhoods in Fremont, due to its low crime rate, its stable real estate market and its wide variety of local amenities. Ardenwood is near several of the city's schools, and is home to one of Fremont's best schools, Forest Park Elementary. There are plenty of grocery stores, coffee houses and restaurants nearby. For example, on your way home at night, you can stop by Monavie to pick up groceries, or on a Sunday morning, head to Tea Six for some delicious Boba Milk Tea! Public transportation is also available in the neighborhood, as are several parks, so residents can get out and take a walk.


Warm Springs

As the 4th largest city in the Bay Area, Fremont has built itself up in to a major regional hub. It is an excellent location for people who want to gain entry to the tech industry. Some residents may appreciate the chance to actually link up with Warm Springs in Fremont, California. Part of the appeal of Warm Springs is that it has created a community atmosphere. This community has established itself as a vibrant part of Fremont as well.
It is conveniently located nearby restaurants, art galleries and many other cultural venues that are a major component of the Bay Area.



If you want to live in an area with breathtaking scenery, then Cabrillo in Fremont, California, would be the location for you. The neighborhood has a stupendous classy and well-to-do vibe. There is also the nearby Cabrillo Shopping Center for those who are shopaholics. If you want a bite to eat, be sure to check out the Cabrillo Park Cafe. People with kids will love the area because of the excellent schools. There are many smaller parks in the area worth checking out as well. Cabrillo has a great selection when it comes to local attractions.


The Blacow

For anyone considering moving to or visiting Blacow of Fremont, you need to know that you're going to feel like you’re on a family TV sitcom. There’s plenty of softball playing in the park, so you'll get to see kids at practice. And each street has its own earthy vibe. The yards are well kept, and with plush green landscape. The shops are antique looking and there are some really good bargains. The cafes and other little eateries in the area serve some of the most delicious, hot food you'll ever taste.


The Irvington

Irvington is a quaint little neighborhood within the Fremont, California area that is noteworthy. It has all the comforts you need in a suburb, but with an urban appeal Irvington high and a few elementary schools are close by for school-aged children. And there are many restaurants along Washington Street to choose from Mirchi Cafe, Mountain Mike’s Pizza, and Ming’s Szechwan Restaurant are among them. Homes along the street have beautifully landscaped yards, and the streets are bordered by tall, strong looking Palm Trees. Yes, the Irvington area of Fremont, is good living.


Central Downtown

The City of Fremont downtown is the place to be. Fremont Central Park, sprawling with green grass on Pasceo Padre Parkway area - a place to relax on weekends. You can play sports, go for a stroll, while enjoying cool, sunny temperatures. Another interesting spot to visit is the Ardenwood Farm..., built in 1857 for George Washington Patterson. It's a large working farm, where you can see live animals and produce being grown.
You can also visit the Ardenwood mansion and forest. This city has a variety of fine dining establishments, great schools in the district, a local library for referencing, or fun, and several apartment communities in the vicinity.

East Industrial

Since Fremont has grown to some impressive levels over the past few years, many residents have appreciated the experience that they can get here. The temperatures are mild and comfortable throughout the year. Many local residents have also appreciated the job opportunities they can find in the city. East Industrial (neighborhood) in Fremont, California offers all the amenities that people need and a lot of what they want. This could be a great choice for families who are searching for a reliable place, fitted with some of the best schools in the area.



Living in Grimmer offers a variety of housing choices, whether you're newlyweds starting a family, or just young at heart. All the necessities for convenient living are minutes away. Whether it's a quick stop at Starbucks on your way to Home Depot, or a trip to Fry's Electronics, they are all nearby. Maybe you're in the mood to enter the best burger controversy, well you're in luck. There is an In-N-Out and a Five Guys just south of Auto Mall Parkway. If it's grocery shopping, Safeway and Walmart are close by. For those focused on raising their family, there are numerous places of worship; school's pre-K through high school, plus Unitek College, two parks, and the Alameda County Library. Conveniently nestled between highways 880 and 680, Grimmer Community is twenty-minutes from San Jose International Airport. Mass transit is available throughout the community to convey you to local shopping, or the Amtrak station for a train rides into San Francisco.



Centerville is a quiet neighborhood inside the city of Fremont, as it offers plenty for a family that’s looking for good schooling and affordable housing near Silicon Valley. Most of the commuters living in Centerville take public transportation to downtown San Jose or traveling abroad to Silicon Valley and being a part of their elite work force. Weekends are made for fun activities, and the city of Fremont has plenty to offer Centerville residents. You can enjoy the outdoors inside the park near Lake Elizabeth or go hiking up to Mission Peak, which offers a breathtaking view of the Bay Area from atop.


Cherry / Guardino

The Cherry / Guardino (neighborhood) in Fremont, California has established itself as an upscale location. This is thanks to the fact that the neighborhood is situated near some of the top employers and schools in the area. This region is upscale, as evinced by the median housing price of $500,000. There are expansive properties that new residents may be able to find when they arrive here. The homes in the area are conveniently located near some upscale restaurants and other venues as well.


Cameron Hills

There are many great neighborhoods to choose from but none can compare to Cameron Hills in Fremont, California. Rather you may know it or not, Cameron Hills is a place that was developed solely for those who are looking for a secure and safe neighborhood. While this is considered to be one of the safest neighborhoods in California, there are tons of amenities residents have access to. These amenities include: walking distance to shopping centers, nearby museums, bars and even night clubs. Residents with kids will also have unlimited access to parks and recreational centers.


Lakes and Birds

Lakes and Birds neighborhood in Fremont, California is a beautiful area to consider when moving. The weather is gorgeous throughout the year for fun activities outside. There are wonderful schools located very close by and are highly rated. There are so many great shopping areas to pick from, all within walking distance. The restaurants are fantastic with many choices of cuisine to choose from. You will also have access to beautiful parks to enjoy with friends and family. This neighborhood overall is a great choice for everyone and is very quiet with extremely stunning views.


Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose neighborhood in Fremont, California is a very beautiful choice when deciding to move to a new location. This is a very safe and quiet neighborhood for you and your family. The weather is great all year for fun outdoor activities to take part in. There are so many great shopping areas close by, all basically within walking distance. The restaurants are amazing and everyone will have great options to choose from. The school district is wonderful and is very close to home in this area. This is a great neighborhood for families.


Mission Valley

Since Fremont has become the 4th largest city in the Bay Area, it has drawn in the attention of many prospective residents. The Mission Valley (neighborhood) in Fremont, California has become a popular option for many new people arriving to the region. This is owing to the fact that it has cultivated its own distinct identity over the years. Anyone interested in the community will want to join up with some of the local organizations. There are parent organizations that can help families get situated. They will help families identify the best housing options, schools and even encourage them to join up with local fundraisers.



The Baylands neighborhood in Fremont, California is an area with diverse opportunities. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the scenic trails at Coyote Hills Regional Park. This exceptional area of marshlands is perfect for bird watching, biking and jogging. Known as a safe and quiet neighborhood, perfect for families, Baylands has a variety of small delis and coffee shops as well as big box stores like Costco. Necessities such as doctors, mechanics and many other service-oriented businesses are also found conveniently within the neighborhood. Located comfortably in the Silicon Valley, there are wonderful job opportunities available.


Parkmont is a fantastic place to live within the city of Fremont. The scenery is beautiful; trees dot the landscape, with well-manicured shrubs featured on most of the neighborhood lawns. It is largely a family neighborhood; Parkmont Elementary school has received high rankings among public schools, providing good education for your kids. Parkmont is also much closer to the shopping and restaurant districts; the drive to get dinner is very short and pleasant. The crime rates are also lower than many other neighborhoods. Parkmont is smarter, smaller, and safer; It’s a great place to live!



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