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City of Newark California


The City of Newark, California is located on the Southern side of the San Francisco Bay. It boasts several recreational parks and the Silliman Community Activity and Family Aquatic Center, which houses an activity pool, a lazy river with two water slides, a 4-lane lap pool and a warm spa. The city is also home to the NewPark Mall, a large shopping center, with store chains such as Sears, J. C. Penney, Macy's, and Burlington Coat Factory, as well many other retailers. There are a variety of restaurants to choose from in the area with a host of different cuisine types. Newark is a strong and vibrant city.
















Newark Neighborhoods:



The Joaquin neighborhood in Newark, California is a beautiful laid-back area with large trees, lush scenery and enjoyable weather that invites residents to spend time outdoors. Close by restaurants are The Ultimate Deli, The New Heart Café, the Manna Restaurants, Sushi Yoshi and the Café Gyro, all of which have great reviews. The neighborhood has a low crime rate and is family-friendly with nearby schools including John G. Mattos Elementary, Joseph Azevada Elementary and Newark Memorial High. Rentals in the area are reasonably priced and accommodate singles to large families.


Mowry Landing

Since 1955, Mowry Landing has been a thriving community whose neighborhood vibe has only added to the popularity of this part of Newark. As part of the Tri-City area, Mowry Landing takes advantage of the population of its location by encouraging neighborhood shopping and local business that is constantly growing. The wealth of culinary talent in the state has also found its way to this area, helping to create charming and delightful neighborhood restaurants. In addition to these neighborhood perks that add to the value of the enclave, neighborhood schools are a valuable asset to anyone residing in the area. With over 13 different parks for the enjoyment of the public, the neighborhood scenery is attractive all throughout the year.


Central Newark

Living around Central Newark Neighborhood in Newark California will offer residents a great opportunity to enjoy their stay. It is an integral part of Alameda County and figures prominently in the economic picture.
The city is perhaps best known for featuring a full range of different community activities. The George M. Silliman Community Center and Family Aquatic Center offer unique experiences for local families. Most families will also be glad to know that the local schools are highly rated. This could represent an excellent opportunity for families who want to improve their living arrangements.


Lake Area

Newark, CA has become an essential component of Alameda county over the past few years. This is due to the diverse economic and educational opportunities available in the neighborhood. It is proximately located near some of the biggest tech companies operating in the area. Many of the residents and local businesses participate in community events, which increases community morale. Lake Area Neighborhood in Newark California offers people all the support that they need when it comes to choosing the right home. This is a family oriented community, which will make it easy for people to enjoy their stay.


Lido Faire

The Lido Faire neighborhood in Newark, California is one of the best in the area! There are many affordable houses, condos and apartments to choose from. Most homes are conveniently located within walking distance of the Lido Faire Shopping Center. There are plenty of high-rated restaurants to dine at and many stores to fulfill your shopping needs and wants. The all you can eat Newark Buffet is great for a family dinner! People are friendly in Lido Faire and the atmosphere is welcoming. There is no better place to call home.



Mayhews is a quaint and lively sector of Newark whose neighborhood vibe is completely unique in the area. This enclave is on the southern end of the San Francisco Bay, offering its residents outstanding neighborhood scenery that is built around a tight-knit community of caring people. There are plenty of neighborhood perks that are available to both families and individuals who call this area home. In addition to stellar neighborhood schools and many local parks from which to choose, the Silliman Activity Center and Aquatic Center is a hub of local, family-friendly activity. When adults wish to play, there is an abundance of neighborhood shopping and neighborhood restaurants to explore as well.


Newark Park

Newark park is a part of California that is full of history and beauty. There is a wonderful combination of nostalgic charm and modern amenities that include outstanding neighborhood shopping and neighborhood restaurants. As the name suggests, Newark Community park is one of the primary neighborhood perks, offering residents a place to play, relax, and exercise all year. The naturally-preserved surroundings adds to the neighborhood scenery, maintaining its richness since 1968. The neighborhood vibe is also complimented by many local resources and local infrastructure. The neighborhood schools are well-funded, offering students many opportunities for a bright future as well.


Rosemont Area

Rosemont is a nice residential neighborhood section of Newark California. You will find the cutest apartments among the tall trees that shade the streets. Whether you will be re-locating by yourself or with your family, many schools are all nearby (Fremont Christian and Newark Memorial High School). Everything you will need is primarily located along Newark Boulevard such as the large Grocery Outlet. You can also enjoy shopping at Rosemont Square Shopping Center. Rosemont has a Starbuck’s (try their hot lattes and free Wi-Fi). Public transportation is easy by way of Bay Area Rapid Transit and AC Transit. Rosemont has all the modern conveniences in one place.



The neighborhood of Willow, located in Newark, California, lives up to its name. This quiet little spot is perfect for people looking to work in a city but be far enough away to raise a family. The schools are great, the restaurants are run by local people, and the area itself has an old-time vibe. The proximity of Willow to major freeways, such as 880 and 84, can take the resident right into work as quickly as possible, while also giving them the freedom to relax on the weekends and enjoy days at the park or BBQs at home. The Willow neighborhood is absolutely amazing.


Jarvis Landing

Jarvis Landing is an upper middle class coastal neighborhood and an ideal spot to settle in and put down roots. As you enter the neighborhood, you get the sense of a real community spirit. Two school districts serve the Jarvis Landing area, supplying a top rate education in some of the best schools in the state. With the wide variety of quality restaurants available, you'll always have access to a wonderful dining experience at a moment's notice. The Lido Faire Shopping Center offers anything you need all in one spot. They even have a fitness center that provides child care. Jarvis Landing is not just a neighborhood, it’s a great destination.



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