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City of Hayward California


Hayward, California is the “Heart of the Bay”. The city is conveniently located in the center of Alameda County with easy access to San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Hayward has a great network of freeways for commuters and ample public transportation. The city is a great place for pedestrians as well! The lovely downtown area has a great mix of housing, shopping, businesses, and restaurants. The temperate climate allows residents to revel in Hayward’s natural beauty. Locals can stroll the city streets enjoying the gorgeous murals or take pleasure in a hike through the phenomenal landscape of Garin Regional Park.



















Hayward Neighborhoods:


Glen Eden

The Glen Eden Neighborhood is located in Hayward, California and is home to roughly 14,000 people. The city consists of several different nationalities and cultures which add to the allure and beauty of this booming area. The Glen Eden Neighborhood has something for everyone. Within a mile of the neighborhood there are many different amenities including over 12 grocery stores, 7 city parks, 20 different schools, and even 2 different coffee shops. Public transportation in the area is excellent, which makes it easy to get to other areas in and around the city.


Mt. Eden

Mount Eden, CA was formed in 1850 by farmers from Mt. Eden Kentucky, giving the area a considerable amount of history. Today, this culture has developed into a thriving neighborhood that prides itself on parks and beautiful landmarks. The neighborhood scenery is enhanced by the local Ecological Reserve and the lovely Regional Shoreline. Like the newcomers before them, residents enjoy a wealth of neighborhood perks that range from quality education to outstanding local government. Moreau Catholic High School is just one of the many neighborhood schools that make this neighborhood desirable. This neighborhood is extremely supportive of local businesses and encourages both neighborhood shopping and neighborhood dining.


Santa Clara

The Santa Clara neighborhood in Hayward, California is an affordable area with a diverse population. Close to the Hayward Amtrak Station, public transportation is very accessible here. Nightlife can be fun with the Dark Horse Lounge and 821 Comedy Club which are both open late on weekends. The neighborhood is recommended for singles and hipsters. With plenty of restaurants to dine in or take out, the Santa Clara neighborhood has plenty of dining options. This is a residential neighborhood that is very long and runs along the Nimitz Freeway in Hayward California.


Fairway Park

The Fairway Park is a safe neighborhood is full of great shopping and fabulous restaurants. From the Fairway Park Shopping Plaza to the Taqueria Los Gallos restaurant, there is always something to do. Fairway Park has one of the best schools in Hayward, Treeview Elementary, which has a student to teacher ratio of just 18 to 1, which is lower than the rest of Hayward, California's schools. Kids enjoy walking to school in this neighborhood, from apartment complexes to single family homes and gated communities, there are a number of different types of housing options available in Fairway Park.


Hayward Highland

Highland is a beloved part of Hayward that is home to some of the most desirable neighborhood perks in the area. The neighborhood scenery is composed of many notable entries in the National Register of Historic Places, including the Green Shutter Hotel. The only thing that is more attractive than the beauty of the surroundings is the neighborhood vibe. This community is built around thriving neighborhood shopping and dining establishments that serve a wide variety of tastes. The neighborhood restaurants offer everything from quick meals to five-star dining. Additionally, the neighborhood schools are ranked among the top in the state.



If you want to live in the San Francisco area of California then the Harder/Tennyson neighborhood is a hard place to beat. In this suburban area of Hayward, California thrives a diverse community of over 20,000 people.

Everything is here. The El Charro Supermarket and Lucky Supermarket along with 18 other grocery shopping opportunities make shopping easy. Schools are plentiful with seven within a mile of any location within the neighborhood, including the Tennyson High School. Quick food outlets, including everything from a McDonalds to the L&I Hawaiian Barbeque, if you’re in a hurry.

Life in the Harder/Tennyson neighborhood sports all the advantages of a big city with public transportation and live shows, but also includes the ambiance of a suburb. Here you can enjoy life with the amenities of the Bay Area and the friendliness of a diverse and active community.


Mission / Garin

Mission / Garin Neighborhood in Hayward California is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods you will ever see. This neighborhood offers tons of entertainment, high quality restaurants, quality educations and even well maintained manicured parks. As a resident of Mission / Garin Neighborhood in Hayward California you will allow yourself a chance to become part of a community that is safe, family oriented and homes that are affordable. Each home offers unique floor plans and well-manicured lawns as well. You will also have access to nearby shopping centers, recreational centers and even community events. So, drop by the community and take a look for yourself? You will be more than amazed!


North Hayward

North Hayward is part of the sixth largest city in the bay area, making it a location that is highly desirable for people concerned about outstanding neighborhood perks. As a booming municipality, North Hayward has everything it needs to cultivate interesting and thriving neighborhood shopping. The neighborhood restaurants also do extremely well, delighting the taste buds of the community with names such as the Golden Mountain and La Pinata. The neighborhood vibe reflects the culture of residents and drives local festivals that celebrate the sense of unity. The neighborhood scenery also has many notable additions that include the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. The combination of outstanding neighborhood schools, active local government, and a growing economy label North Hayward as a place that makes the bay area proud.


Tennyson / Alquire

Tennyson/Alquire is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Hayward, California. It resides along the “Heart of the Bay,” giving residents access to stunning neighborhood scenery. It is not just the neighborhood perks such as the close proximity to Oakland and San Francisco that draw people to this area. The neighborhood has a cool vibe and is always striving for excellence. Neighborhood restaurants such as Hambricks and Montecatini allow residents to have a pleasant evening out after a long day of unique, neighborhood shopping. The resources of this community are substantial and are used daily to promote community growth.


Jackson Triangle

Jackson Triangle, a vibrant neighborhood in Hayward, California, is home to approximately 10,654 people who reside in family units averaging four to five in number. As you can tell this neighborhood is very family oriented. Jackson Triangle boasts a multi-lingual appeal with Spanish being deemed its second tongue. Jackson Triangle is home to a stable housing market with 68 percent being rentals. The neighborhood is filled with historic buildings some of which harken back to the Gold Rush days. For those who enjoy nature, Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park is not far and offers hiking, biking trails and plenty of wildflowers.


Upper B Street

The Upper B street neighborhood in Hayward, California is as close to big city life as you can get, while still living in a suburban community. You will be pleasantly surprised that you now have a choice in living in a healthy, vibrant community where it is alright to say "hello" to your neighbors. Your children can aspire to reach their educational goals and attend Hayward High School. You can finally enjoy your evening walks in peace and you will love your new lifestyle. The neighborhood is surrounded by San Felipe Park, Sulpher Creek, Park and de Anza Park. When you think of Upper B Street Neighborhood in Hayward California, you will now think of home.


Whitman / Mocine

Come enjoy the scenic park setting of the Whitman Mocine Neighborhood. If you are an animal lover, or enjoy jogging you will love this neighborhood. Any resident here will be rejuvenated by the peaceful park like setting of the Whitman Mocine neighborhood. Sorendale Park is in the middle of the neighborhood and accessible to all. This is the community where a young couple would want to raise their children. Moreau Catholic High School is one block away from the neighborhood. You can enjoy your evening runs and jogs with peace of mind and serenity. The Whitman Mocine neighborhood is one of the finest in Hayward, California.



The Southgate Neighborhood in Hayward California is one of the safest, nicest places to raise a family in California. The neighborhood is filled with everything from great shopping to the Chabot College. The Southland Mall is a great little mall filled with many of the well-known stores such as Radio Shack and Sears. The Elephant Bar restaurant that is just outside of the mall offers great food from quick-seared Ahi-Tuna to sweet potatoes fries that are served up with a Szechwan chili spiked ketchup, and all at great prices. Many of the residential areas in the Southgate Neighborhood in Hayward, California scream hometown as it has the ability to take one back in time to the fabulous 1950's era.


Mission / Foothill

Mission Foothill Neighborhood in Hayward California is simply heaven on earth. You will not find a more tranquil neighborhood. The Mission foothill Neighborhood is exquisite with its rolling hills and manicured lawns. You will love your community. For students, California State University - East Bay is located just south east of the neighborhood. The Foothill Neighborhood fits perfectly with the one stop shop atmosphere of Hayward, California. Any resident will find ample shopping to meet all of their tastes. They will also have access to movies, dry cleaning, flower shops and all of the amenities that one would find in a close knit community.


Longwood / Winton Grove

Come visit the Longwood Winton Grove neighborhood in Hayward, California. Longwood Winton Grove has the friendliest neighbors in the Hayward, California community. You will be pleased with its fine school system and state of the art public safety system. Shopping is abundant at the nearby Southland Mall. If you are a small businessman, the Hayward Executive Airport is two blocks away. SkyWest Golf Course is located less than a quarter of a mile and is available for the avid golfers. All is welcome in Longwood Winton Grove and the community extends all courtesies to their new residents.



Burbank is a renter's dream. The neighborhood is close to Interstate 880. If you love to jog or walk your dog you are a couple of blocks from pristine Canary Park and a couple of more blocks away from John F. Kennedy Park. For those residents that are golfers, the SkyWest Golf Course is only a five minute drive or less from you front door. Burbank is surrounded by low slopping mountains and hills which are perfect for bicycle enthusiasts. Burbank is the perfect place to call home. It’s everything you need and more.









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