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City of Piedmont California

Piedmont California is one of the prettiest and richest cities in the state of California. It’s been known as the city of millionaires. If you visit Piedmont you will discover, the neighbors are very close-knit and the tree-lined streets are safe with children playing all day long. If you are looking for an apartment, there are many different styles to choose from. The Piedmont Unified School District is absolutely amazing. The college prep courses and programs they have for the students is fantastic. The city of Piedmont always put the needs of their children first. They truly know children are the future. Many of the children of piedmont have grown up and raised their children in Piedmont as well. This small, yet thriving city is extremely wealthy in spirit and finances. It’s a great place to make life-long friendships and to get a taste of the better things in life. Piedmont California is simply incredible.




















Piedmont Neighborhoods:


Crocker Park

Crocker Park in Piedmont, California is a lovely, serene and safe place to live. The lawns are manicured and the paths are lined with azaleas and magnolias. The surrounding neighborhood is zoned for single-family homes, but apartments are also available. The 2 grocery stores are Trader Joe’s and Giant Eagle. The Piedmont Unified School District includes 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 2 high schools. This community encourages creativity and provides several sports and academic activities for their youth. The local Barnes & Noble is a popular destination spot for residents. If education and enrichment is what you like, than this is the place for you.


Downtown Piedmont

Piedmont, California is a wonderful small community just outside of Oakland. This beautiful little town has lots of charm. One of the best areas to live is downtown Piedmont. This area of the city is close to neighborhood shopping and they even have a Starbucks. The neighborhood vibe in the downtown area is full of life. If you love food, then downtown Piedmont is the perfect place for you. With lots of neighborhood restaurants to choose from; you will find one that you love. Raising a family in the downtown area is perfect. The local neighborhood schools have top ratings, so you will know that your child is getting a high quality education. This is a beautiful area and lots of neighborhood scenery will surely please your eyes. You could find al the local government organizations in this area as well such as the local fire department, city hall, police department, school district and more. Why not come and see what downtown Piedmont has to offer you? Come see all the neighborhood perks for yourself.


Piedmont hills

Piedmont Hills is a vibrant and desirable community tucked next to the Oakland Hills. This neighborhood offers spectacular views of The San Francisco Bay. Piedmont Hills exemplifies the value of location. Living here means you have all the modern conveniences, employment opportunities, shopping, and fine dining all at your doorstep. They have lovely tennis courts by the name of Davie Stadium. Many of the residents in the Piedmont Hills are upper middle class and there are several millionaires in the neighborhood as well. This is a great place to live if you like your privacy but don’t want to be too far away from the city life. If you love camping, fishing or hiking, you will love the fact that Redwood Regional Park is just 10 minutes away. Piedmont Hills is everything you need with so much of what you want.


Piedmont Estates

Piedmont Estates is not only a place to stay it is a community filled with tons of extras! Becoming a resident of Piedmont Estates will give you access to high maintenance neighborhood shopping, spas and salons. You will also be located by many parks, recreational centers and tons of historical sites. The Piedmont Estates is a very wealthy neighborhood with tall pine trees. There are a variety of architectural style homes in this neighborhood. The local schools offers grade A education as well. Piedmont Estates is an extraordinary neighborhood.


Upper Highland

Upper Highland Neighborhood in Piedmont California has some really great qualities.  First and foremost, this amazing community has beautiful landscape and is located by tons of shopping centers, spas as well as tons of top notch restaurants. The Upper Highland is mainly a residential neighborhood that is nestled around so many great attractions. The neighborhood itself is very easy on the eyes and full of beautiful trees, homes and clean sidewalks. It is a very safe area and living there can cause a very calming effect. Its tranquil surroundings is just what you need.


Lower Highland

Central Piedmont/Lower Highland in Piedmont, California is an affluent area. It is almost completely zoned for single-family houses. Many of the homes are stately Tudors and Missions. You can find a property that is on a sloping street with a view of The Oakland Bay. This Piedmont neighborhood is residential and very quiet. The commercial center has only a few businesses, but there is a small strip mall on Highland Avenue. The Piedmont Unified School District is excellent. A high percentage of Piedmont High School graduates go on to attend college. This is a very laid back and goal oriented community.





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