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City of Dublin California

If you are moving to Dublin California, you will be amazed with the rolling grassy hills and scenic flatlands that the city has to offer. There are many apartments available to fit one's exact needs, including those with high ceilings and tall picture windows. For the wildlife lovers, there is plenty of hiking trails close to home. The Dublin school district focuses on higher learning for children of all ages. Rest assured, your child will be getting the education that they deserve. The neighborhood is beautiful, safe and very welcoming for all the residents that live in the city. There are many shopping locations placed throughout the city, so you can get your shopping needs taken care of quickly. The restaurants are plentiful and welcoming. The entertainment scene offers a wide variety of family fun and singles activities. There is something in Dublin California for everyone.




















Dublin Neighborhoods:


East Dublin

The East Dublin neighborhood is one of the most progressive and rapidly growing areas in the region. The unique and modern architectural style gives the new public buildings a distinctly contemporary feel. New houses and apartment homes offer all the peak rewards available in the most fashionable addresses. Dining, shopping and entertainment are all within easy reach of East Dublin residents. ArcFest, the annual and internationally famous Dublin Edge Film Festival is held each summer and is widely attended by filmmakers, fans, and the general population that is just curious to find out what the great event has to offer. East Dublin is definitely a place where you can settle down and call home.


Scarlett Court

Scarlett Court is a beautiful 52-acre neighborhood of Dublin, California. With beautiful scenery and great local shopping, restaurants and schools, there is a great tight-knit neighborhood feel within Scarlett Court.
In Scarlett Court, you will be walking distance from all your neighborhood necessities. And what better way to do errands than while enjoying the beautiful, sunny scenery? Scarlett Court offers all this plus more--quality real estate to settle down in. When you're done enjoying the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood community, take a jaunt over to Dublin Sports Grounds to enjoy nature and take in all the scenery. In Scarlett Court, you really do have the best of both worlds.

West Dublin

West Dublin will offer you many joys when it comes to hiking, scenic views, and plenty of cows for those who love animals (Dublin Hills Regional Park). The West Dublin neighborhood vibe will give you a sense of vitality as you breathe in clean fresh air with little to no pollution and a wealth of healthy resources for you to bask in. There will be plenty of neighborhood shopping in the form of department stores, shopping malls, and convenience stores, making it possible that you will never have to leave West Dublin for a lack of convenience again. Ethic neighborhood restaurants such as Amakara and Taqueira Los Pericos can leave a sense of eating with the family in a home you will soon grow fond of. The Frederiksen Elementary School and Dublin High School are two neighborhood schools your kids can attend. Both schools are highly ranked, clean, friendly, and fun. Besides the schools the neighborhood perks will make you truly believe that West Dublin, California is the right place for you.


Downtown Dublin

Downtown Dublin is the heart of the Dublin community. This is where you will find all the newest developments and top businesses. There is shopping is available for all members of the family and downtown offers access to some of the more ritzy places of shopping such as REI, DSW Shoes and Sports Authority.  This neighborhood prides itself on providing a safe and fun environment for its residents and merchants. If you like living in a populated environment, but also enjoy a small town feel, then Downtown Dublin will be the place for you. Enjoy everything this great downtown district has to offer including its tasty ice cream.


Central Dublin

Many proud residents is happy to call Central Dublin their home. This is why its population has grown over the years. Its recent growth in the last ten years has made it a great place to find work. There are many good paying jobs in the Central Dublin neighborhood. This area continues to be developed, so residents don't have to go far to find what they need. The quality schools and well cared for park makes Central Dublin a family friendly place. If you want to experience the great outdoors, Central Dublin is in close proximity of 2 large regional parks. Both parks will provide an idyllic natural escape. If you enjoy a quiet, safe and financially strong community, then Central Dublin is the place to be.



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