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City of San Lorenzo California


San Lorenzo is located in Alameda County and next door to the cities of San Leandro and Hayward. It’s a small city with big city amenities. It has several shopping centers and public transportation is readily available. The resident children are served by the highly innovative San Lorenzo Unified School District. The school district even has an adult school that offers enrichment classes for adults. This delightful city is home to San Lorenzo Park, which offers camping, lagoons and beautiful views. The San Lorenzo Park is a great spot for birthday parties or just hanging out. There is so much San Lorenzo has to offer. It’s definitely a place to check out.
















San Lorenzo Neighborhoods:


Via Alamitos / Via Manzanas

If you are you looking for a quiet neighborhood with easy access to the surrounding San Francisco bay area, look no further than the Via Alamitos and Via Manzanas Neighborhoods in San Lorenzo, California. This vibrant community benefits from its mild Mediterranean climate, and will compel you to explore the dozens of bicycle trails and parks. There are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance. San Lorenzo schools have a legacy of academic excellence, and are a true compliment to this family friendly neighborhood.


Lorenzo Manor

Many luxury apartments line the well-manicured streets of the Lorenzo Manor neighborhood. This neighborhood
is conveniently located next to Interstate 880 or the Nimitz Freeway. Individuals of every age enjoy the close proximity of shopping stores, restaurants and public transportation. You don’t have to travel far to find pet supplies, places of worship or coffee shops. Unique eateries such as Tomodachi Sushi Bistro are also plentiful. Lorenzo Manor Elementary and Bohannon Middle School works hard to build sturdy relationships with students and their families. Both schools offer an array of after school activities such as basketball, painting, dance, gymnastic and more. This community is the place to be if you enjoy people and like to have everything you need in one place.


Haywood Acres

Hayward Acres is a neighborhood located in the City of San Lorenzo California. The weather in this area, temperature wise is usually warm. This neighborhood has nice housing that was built in the nineteen forties
to the sixties. It's a middle class neighborhood. The schools in the area are good and are one of the major employers in the area. This is a plus for people with children. It’s always a good sign when employees live where they work. It means the neighborhood is well taken care of and is prosperous.





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