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City of Berkeley California


Berkeley is a very active city with a laid back vibe. Berkeley residents are usually well educated. The city's emphasis on education can be witnessed in their high quality school system. The local resident’s forward thinking and liberal mindset gives it a better art and music scene. Berkeley is well known for its out spoken residents and protests. The residents of Berkeley are strong and genuinely concerned about human and animal rights. Living here will give you access to very unique experiences. This beautiful city consists of nature friendly neighborhoods, UC Berkeley, shopping districts, international restaurants, as well as delis, bakeries and pubs. Berkeley is a force to be reckoned with, it’s what many call The City of Freedom.
















Berkeley Neighborhoods:


Baja Key Route

Baja Key Route Neighborhood in Albany California is a great community that is surrounded by lots of parks, first run movies, community centers and even trails! The neighbor schools are highly ranked as well. So for those of you who are looking for a family friendly environment that takes education very seriously then this is the perfect place for you and your children. Baja Key Route Neighborhood even holds a traditional event that takes place every 2nd of September called the Solano Stroll which is a mile long block party. As a resident of Baja Key Route, you will also get to watch the full moon rise over Berkeley Hills!


Berkeley Hills

Who wouldn't want to live in Berkeley Hills? It is a safe area with a warming neighborhood vibe, admirable schools and universities for kids and an assortment of wonderful things to experience, whether you are a married couple looking to rent your first apartment together or ready to find that perfect house for the family. Some of the houses on the hills present a captivating view looking down onto the San Francisco Bay. In downtown Berkley, you can find many delicious restaurants and other exciting entertainment. Berkeley Hills offers plenty of distinctive stores and beautiful scenery.



The Bateman neighborhood has quaint sidewalk shops and outdoor cafes are popular meeting spots for coffee and desserts. For several generations families and friends have strolled through the community enjoying conversations with neighbors and taking in the scenery. It’s considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Berkeley, The Bateman neighborhood offers spacious apartments and houses. Nearby hospitals and schools are also highly rated.


Downtown Berkeley

Downtown Berkeley has very versatile architecture and historically preserved homes. This neighborhood is known for its modern lifestyle and acceptance of all cultures and ways of life. You will see children playing, business men and women working at the many small and large businesses in the neighborhood. There is always families coming and going from the scenic parks, all of the parks are very well-lite at night. There are several cool new restaurants in the area. You can enjoy some fine dining as well as home-style restaurants.  Many of the dining facilities offer patio dining. The lively downtown area is a hot spot and many tourists and residents enjoy the unique boutique shopping and well groomed store fronts.


South Berkeley

Located in the lovely Bay Area of California, South Berkeley offers living communities with pleasant surroundings providing a lifestyle of enjoyment. Many of these surrounding communities are settled near the trendy Telegraph Avenue which is home to the Berkeley Flea Market and Art Museum. Many of the neighboring streets are conveniently located near Shattuck and Ashby avenues where South Berkeley's finest restaurants and shopping district can be found. The South Berkeley community works close with the Berkeley Unified School District who put students needs first and welcomes diversity and encourages high expectations. In this area, you will find Grove Street Park, where the Berkeley All-Stars Basketball team practices.


Elmwood District

The Elmwood District consist of quaint tree lined streets that give the neighborhood a small town feel. Along with quaint streets are several hidden pathways for dog walking. You will realize in just a short amount of time that this is a very family oriented town. The Elmwood District have many long-time residents who have raised their kids here. The schools are great and never overcrowded. The small classrooms means you can rest assure that your child will get the best education possible. There are several locally owned restaurants and boutiques; that can satisfy any shopping or food craving you may have. This is one of the best places to live in Berkeley California.        It’s full of community spirit but low on community drama.


Terrace View (East Berkeley Hills)

Terrace View Neighborhood is one of the most popular places to stay in Berkeley California. It’s very affordable, family oriented and is close to many attractions such as Condornices Park, Indian Rock Park and John Hinkel Park which are all family oriented and great for when you need a getaway spot from a long day at work! As a resident of Terrace Neighborhood you will also have access to lots of entertainment spots, shopping, and galleries such as Gathering Tribes, Nielsen Arts, Thousand Oaks art Gallery and more. You will also have access to many Five Star restaurants, tons of casinos, cinemas, festival and social clubs! Terrace View is just simply great.



Southside is an affordable neighborhood that shares Berkley’s passion for culture, education and overall well-being of its citizens. There are many professional and university students that live in this neighborhood. This unique neighborhood is full of charm and boosting with community spirit. It’s a safe and inviting place where people can focus on their goals; whether it’s getting a college education, making business connections or raising a well-rounded family. Southside is definitely a step above the average neighborhood.


Panoramic Hill (University Terrace / Claremont Hills)

Panoramic Hill is a beautiful residential neighborhood located within Berkeley/Oakland Hills. This area includes Claremont Hills and University Terrace and is home to several hiking and biking trails including the infamous seven mile trial known as Strawberry Canyon Loop. The neighborhood is equally appealing to college students, young professionals and growing families. Because of the eclectic feel and diverse living options, this university neighborhood is closely linked by single family and apartment homes that offer safe and convenient walkways to shopping and public transportation.



Nestled just north of the University of California, Berkeley campus, Northside Neighborhood is a charming, eccentric community filled with culture, creativity, and life. This lovely neighborhood offers a bounty of restaurants, delightful parks, and quirky architecture. It is home to people of all ages and backgrounds. It has a very welcoming vibe. Being close to a university, especially one as prestigious as UC Berkeley, brings the neighborhood many benefits. The food, for one, is phenomenal and diverse. Northside is also home to what is known as "Holy Hill". Various religious groups, churches, temples, and gathering places are settled here and give residents of any religious background a place to fulfill their spiritual needs. Northside is a melting pot of life in which everyone can feel at home.


Le Conte (Hillegass Area)

The Hillegass area of Le Conte is a beautiful student neighborhood located in South Berkeley.
It boasts easy access to the lower Berkeley campus as well as affordable housing. Being a quiet neighborhood, it's a perfect fit for students and families alike. Parents may be especially pleased with La Conte Elementary School, which is known for its caring dedicated teachers and many enrichment programs. Hillegass is bordered by Shattuck and Telegraph Avenue, both wonderful shopping areas. Highlights include the Berkeley Bowl, a supermarket renowned for its fresh food, and the Buffalo Exchange. With lush green scenery and gorgeous public parks, there is truly something for everyone in The Le Conte Hillegass neighborhood.


Central Berkeley

Central Berkeley is an outgoing and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with great views of the Bay, it is close to public transportation (BART) and (AC Transit) and provides a colorful neighborhood for individuals of all ages. Families regularly stroll down Poets Corner or spend quality time in the lush parks. Central Berkeley is divided into zones and offers more freedom in education. Many of the local schools cover grades K-8 such as Berkeley Montessori. The Berkeley school district invests in their students to help ensure they become efficient individuals. This neighborhood brims of shopping with stores like Trader Joe’s and Berkeley Bowl grocery market. Restaurants are plentiful like the Cyprus Restaurant which whips up a delicious French toast! Everything about this neighborhood is grand, including its grand appearance.


Live Oak

Berkeley's Live Oak neighborhood is named after Live Oak Park. The park itself has existed since 1916, when it was the city's first nature park. It now includes playgrounds, tennis courts and other amenities. The Live Oak/ Codornices community is just off of Shattuck Avenue and provides natural areas for families to explore. This is a quiet and laid back type of neighborhood. Entertainment includes the Live Oak Theatre, which puts on affordable shows for residents and visitors. Traveling down Shattuck Avenue will take visitors into Berkley's downtown, where shopping and eating is bountiful.


North Claremont

North Claremont is one of the most desirable and safe areas in the city of Berkeley. The neighborhood's most outstanding feature is the abundance of elegant, well-kept historic homes. It's a walkable community with many bike-friendly areas. It’s perfect for people seeking an eco-conscious, healthy lifestyle and for families with children. The neighborhood has an urban, sophisticated vibe and is home to highly educated executives and professionals. There are well-regarded elementary schools in the area and it's also close to the University of California (Berkeley Campus). Cafes, bookstores and other shops are plentiful in this neighborhood as well.


Thousand Oaks

There might be a dozen neighborhoods called Thousand Oaks, but the community in Berkeley stands out from the rest. The neighborhood got its start as a refugee camp after the earthquake in 1906. Now, it houses the Berkeley/Albany shopping district on Solano Avenue. There are several smaller shops and restaurants nestled among the community. The residential area of the neighborhood mainly consists of smaller homes and apartment buildings. The edge of Thousand Oaks neighborhood is bordered by large rock formations and the playground at Thousand Oaks School is next to a serene stream. Thousand Oaks in Berkeley California is in a lead of its own.


University of California Berkeley

University settings always create ideal areas for living, working, and exploring all that life has to offer. The culture brought to life by the University of California Berkley is no exception. Because the University strives to create a beautiful campus, the neighborhood scenery is plush and extravagant. Natural parks and gardens abound throughout the area. The neighborhood perks extend beyond the opportunities created by the academic institution alone. Neighborhood shopping includes the most cutting-edge fashion. The fast growth of the Berkeley area also draws in many well-respected chefs who have taken advantage of the opportunities by opening outstanding neighborhood restaurants. Families can count on wonderful neighborhood schools and welcoming residents.



Possessed of rich neighborhood scenery, the Cragmont neighborhood overlooks the beautiful San Francisco Bay. A natural backdrop that's so sweet and calming, making for a relaxed and enjoyable neighborhood vibe. When you're done backpacking in our beautiful woods, head on into town for some of the best shopping in the region. We've got many great shops for a little bit of shopping for everyone. Starting to feel a little hungry? If so, the best restaurants are waiting for you here. Whether you're looking to fill your belly or have a nice romantic evening. The Cragmont neighborhood is for you. The Cragmont neighborhood is full of excitement and adventure.



Just picture quaint restaurants, homes with lovely gardens, and a view of the ocean. If you do this you will have a good picture of the Oceanview Neighborhood in Berkeley California. The whole environment is relaxed with an upscale attitude.  It’s full of college graduates and working professionals. Shopping is always great here and eating-places are even better. You can safely walk through the parks and enjoy concerts in the park regularly. The local schools are very good and have strong ties with the community. The Residences consist of lovely homes, spacious lofts and luxurious apartments. There are several hilltop views which makes this neighborhood truly easy on the eyes.


North Berkeley

The North Berkeley Neighborhood in Berkeley California is one of the best places to live in the bay area. This area is wonderful for families with children or even single persons. There are many great choices of restaurants including Chez Panisse, Cheese Board Pizza, and Peet's Coffee. The shopping district have so many great options to choose from. Public Transportation is readily available and affordable in this area. The schools are outstanding and you will have several schools to choose from. North Berkeley is conveniently located near everything and is an fantastic neighborhood that delivers only excellence.




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