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Orange Beach
Orange Beach, AL is primarily a vacation destination town and offers a wide variety of beach vacation opportunities.  
At the 2000 census, the population was 3,784. The city has a total area of only 11.4 square miles, but don’t be fooled by that small number. 
If you are planning a visit to Orange Beach, plan on experiencing a full range of things to do.  
You can dine in some of the best restaurants on the beach, stay in condos directly on the beach or just across the street, stay in a condo on a golf course, or opt for a beach house. 
Recreational activities include dolphin cruses, dinner cruses, deep sea fishing, para-sailing, jet skiing, or just basking in the sun.
At The Wharf in Orange Beach you will find the tallest Ferris Wheel in the Southeast, along with some of the best music venues in the state as well. 
The Ampha-Theater at The Wharf always has someone awesome (and famous) booked.
The City of Orange Beach hosts many sporting events and tournaments at the Orange Beach Sportsplex. 
The Sportsplex comprises a football/soccer stadium with a seating capacity of 1,500 seats.
The facility also has several baseball and softball fields. The Backcountry Trail system through the Gulf State Park has a trailhead located at the Sportsplex. 
The Sportsplex has hosted the SEC Women's Soccer Tournament on numerous occasions in addition to the NCAA Division II men and women's soccer tournament.