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Apartments in Mid City -- A Little Slice of Everything


Like the name suggests, Mid City sits right in the middle of Baton Rouge.  Specifically, it's located near the I-10 - I-110 junction, just to the north of the LSU campus, and it extends east almost to Route 61.
Here's what you can look forward to if you decide to rent an apartment in Mid City:
-  Bustling surroundings
It's estimated that there are nearly 4,300 people per square mile in Mid City.  That's significantly more than the nearly 3,000 people per square mile in Baton Rouge as a whole.  So, if you like the idea of having lots of neighbors close by, you'll love living in Mid City!
-  A smaller learning environment than LSU
If LSU just seems a bit too big for your learning desires, you'll be happy to know that Baton Rouge Community College sits in the heart of Mid City -- and there are only about one-fourth as many students on this campus as there are wandering around the LSU campus!
-  Both big and small job opportunities
Head down Florida Boulevard, and you'll see a variety of large commercial buildings.  But in other parts of Mid City, you'll find plenty of mom and pop businesses and small startups.  Mid City residents are proud of this diversity, because they say it's a good reflection of the Baton Rouge community as a whole. For you, it means having a bunch of different job options just a stone's throw from your new apartment!
-  Lots of shopping options
Because your apartment will be right in the middle of Baton Rouge, you'll be close to a number of different shopping centers.  If you'd prefer to stay right in Mid City, you can shop at Towne Center at Cedar Lodge -- a newer facility that's home to specialty shops, spas, and clothing stores that are more upscale than what you'd find at a traditional mall.
You can also make your grocery shopping more upscale, thanks to the Whole Foods that sits smack dab in the middle of Mid City.
If you decide to head a little further for your shopping, you'll find the Cortana Mall, a Sams Club, a Walmart Supercenter, a Stein Mart, and a Burlington Coat Factory along Route 61 -- just a few extra minutes from your Mid City apartment.
-  Lots of different food
Just like the shops and businesses in Mid City, the food here offers a lot of variety, too!  Whether you love greasy pizza, Middle Eastern cuisine, seafood, barbecue, prime steak, Cajun treats, or unique coffee, you'll find it all in Mid City.  There is also a wide variety of bars -- from dives where everyone knows your name, to upscale wine bars.