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Entrance to Fort Benning GA    Interstate 185 and US 80   Maneuver Center of Excellence Fort Benning

Beautiful Gateway to Fort Benning GA. The US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence

National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center

The National Infantry Museum and Soldiers Center

 US Army Rangers Fast Rope From A UH60 Blackhawk Helicopter     US Army Rangers Fort Benning GA     Ready to Fight  Hand to Hand Combat Fort Benning GA

Within Fort Benning millions of soldiers have trained at Main Post, Kelly Hill, Sand Hill and Harmony Church. Visit them today, highway 80 south leads you into the main gate of Fort Benning. The Fort Benning Golf course is open to the public. Fort Benning is located in an area commonly known as the "Tri-Community", comprised of Columbus, Fort Benning, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama. We are proud  to have Fort Benning known as the best Army Installation in the world. Fort Benning is named after Confederate General Henry L. Benning, who had lived in Columbus in the early 1900's. This area has American Flags and American Eagles on local businesses and lining the streets and intersections. American patriotism can be seen in every direction. The National Infantry Museum and it's IMAX theater is a must see, on anyone to do list. It's history of training soldiers dates back to October 1918.

A visit to Oxbow Meadows a Columbus State University environmental learning center, an animal "museum" filled with reptile and aquatic exhibits is something you will not easily forget.

Dolly Madison Bakery  The Home of TWINKIES

Dolly Madison Bakery on Victory Drive is the Home of Twinkies.  In the Victory Drive area local international restaurants serve authentic homemade meals and military supplies stores are open to the public. Hotels in the area welcome military and their families. Active duty soldier assigned to  Fort Benning that want to live on post should visit the Villages of Benning office 706.685. 3939. If you choose to live off post stop by the Housing Services office 706. 545. 3921.