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City of San Leandro California


San Leandro is a beautiful suburban city located off the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay and has approximately 95,000 residents. It's a child friendly area with nearly 40% of homes having kids aged 18 and under. San Leandro is a manufacturing town and is home to a number of major food processing plants, including Coca-Cola and Maxwell House. These companies provide steady and secure employment for thousands of workers.

Also in the San Leandro area are five large shopping centers. In 2013, the Zero Net Energy Center opened their doors to teach electricians methods of energy efficient construction. San Leandro is definitely a great place to live. It has everything from employment opportunities to designer shoes. It’s simply fantastic



















San Leandro Neighborhoods:



Bonaire is a great place to live with all of the amenities of the city without all of the hustle and bustle. Clean sidewalks and neatly groomed yards adorn this lovely neighborhood. With area busing available for children's schooling it has never been more covenant to live in Bonaire than right now. The residents of Bonaire are all friendly, and many of the residents are hard working families that pride themselves on their families and their neighborhood. It is this sense of family that has drawn people to move to Bonaire and experience living in a safe, clean, and friendly neighborhood.


Old San Leandro

Old San Leandro is a suburban town in Alameda County, consisting of well-maintained neighborhoods and down to earth houses. Families with children can find peace of mind knowing there are schools nearby such as St. Leander and McKinley Elementary which offers adult education programs. This Bay area town is full of parks like McKinley Playground. Your shopping selections are endless at the Bayfair shopping center which offers stores such as Old Navy. For lunch or dinner be sure to visit the long time eating establishment called Taqueria Los Perico’s which serves up amazing bean and cheese burritos and carnitas.


Bay O Vista

Bay O Vista is a fantastic little community located in San Leandro, California. Not far from this quaint neighborhood are many places to shop, dine, or even join a health club. The neighborhood is family orientated and even is home to a very large fitness, swimming, and tennis club. Area children and their parents delight in being able to take part in swimming lessons at the club. The school district for this neighborhood is on par with the rest of the country, but may actually be placed in an above average category. Recently the San Leandro Unified School District educators received an award for the outstanding work they have done with English Learners as far as language development and academic achievement goes.


Enchanting Estudillo Estates

Enchanting Estudillo Estates is located in beautiful San Leandro, California. This quaint neighborhood is close to transportation (BART) and (AC Transit) and a short distant to freeways. Many of its residents are professionals, retirees, and families. You will find the following amenities in this growing community.

Parks & Recreation (Chabot Park)
Hiking Trails (Lake Chabot)
Childcare (Several Choices)
Medical Facilities (Hospital & Private Facilities)
Schools (Public and Private)
Shopping mall (Bayfair Center and Marina Square)

Residents and visitors enjoy being close to the Bay without all of the hassles. It’s truly a California Lifestyle.


Broadmoor District

The Broadmoor District in the San Leandro, California area is a perfect place for a new resident interested in the open air California lifestyle. The Broadmoor District is centrally located within a half a mile from the Oakland Zoo and a further bit to the south by Lake Chabot. Whether you are a avid boater, jogger or cyclist, or you simply enjoy walking your dog, you have many outdoor activities available to you. If you love the game of golf, less than a mile to the east of the Broadmoor neighborhood District is the Oakland Municipal Golf Links.


Washington Manor

There is a place every one considers to be more on the peaceful side yet beautifully and organically put together. It is also considered a place where families feel safe and secure and that place Washington Manor which is located in the state of California. Washington Manor offers many benefits to both its residence and its visitors. Some of which includes close by shopping centers, fitness centers and even salon and spas. If you are into getting away right after work, there are many night clubs nearby as well as bars and top of the line restaurants. For parents looking to move in the area, this neighborhood offers quality education, well manicure parks and even recreational centers to keep your kids occupied after school.


Marina Faire

Anchor's a weigh! Welcome to neighborhood by the shore. Residents of Marina Faire have direct access to the marina services and you can add a round of golf at the Marina Golf Course, the Heron bay Golf Course or the Tomy Lema Golf Course, before you ship off. The Marina Faire neighborhood is also suited for a family of any size. The neighborhood is less than a mile from the Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline which is a wonderful place to take your family for a beautiful California day, whether it be hiking, jogging or power walking.


Sheffield Village

Situated in Alameda County, Sheffield Village neighborhood has built up a reputation for providing a unique experience. Families have found that this is a quiet and popular place to raise kids. This is thanks to the fact that community leaders have set down a vision for the long term development of Sheffield Village.
Despite the fact that the community offers a fair bit of tranquility, there is plenty that people can do here. The city publishes a community guide, which will list major events going on there. This could also help get families interested in what they can experience when they head to Sheffield Village.


Davis Tract East

Located right off Interstate 880, Davis Tract East will be an attractive location for new residents as the airport is only five minutes away and within walking distance from your front door. Additionally, any resident is only a short bike ride from their new apartment to the marinas which dot the Oakland coast line south of the Oakland International Airport. There are also a number of coastline parks within a short bike ride such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline Park and the Oyster Bay Shoreline Park. Both of these parks are pet friendly. This is a superb area with great scenery.


Farrelly Pond District

An new resident to our neighborhood will enjoy the quaint lifestyle of living in California while having direct access to a number of recreational activities. If you have a young family with school age children then you will have a number of outdoor options for an afternoon of fun. The shore is about a mile to the west of the neighborhood and offers residents access to a number of marina's with various seafood dining on hand. There are also a number of golf courses such as the Metropolitan Golf Links to the west on the coast.


Davis Tract West

One of the highlights of Davis Tract West is the fact that small businesses haven't been driving out. Unlike most areas where large box stores dominate the landscape, Davis Tract West still has locations where one can know the names of the owners and workers. For example John’s Home Improvement, Koffler Electrical and Coast Tool all exemplify the spirit of the small town entrepreneur. That spirit extends to leisure as well. The highlight of the night scene is Drake’s Barrelhouse. The brewery is a local gathering spot for the whole town, and one which caters to a crowd that actually cares about its neighbors.


Mulford Gardens

As a neighborhood of San Leandro, CA, Mulford Gardens has drawn in a lot of attention recently. This is thanks to the fact that it does have plenty of activities ready for local residents. The community does feature ready access to a few popular parks, including Lake Chabot Regional Park. Visitors will be able to check out some of the expansive hiking trails located in the community. There are plenty of employment and educational opportunities centered in the area as well. The region is served by the San Lorenzo Unified School District. There are also a number of high profile universities centered in the greater metropolitan area.


Lower Bal (Halcyon Foothills South)

The Lower Bal (Halcyon Foothills South) neighborhood is lucky to be located central to water on the east as well as the west. To the east a new resident will have a short bike ride or drive to the water activities of Lake Chabot. At the lake one could fish, swim, canoe or simply jog around the lake. To the east and just south of the Oakland International Airport, a resident has his or her choice of marina related activities from boating to fishing to simply jogging along the ocean coast line and enjoying the ocean breeze. This is a great spot if you enjoy water activities and natural scenery.


Floresta Gardens/Bradrick

Floresta Gardens/Bradrick is a middle class neighborhood in southern San Leandro. The neighborhood is residential with homes, apartments, and condos. Families with kids, singles, seniors, and couples will find a one or two bedroom apartment for around $1,000 per month. It has many attractive well-made older homes with green lawns. It is well situated for commuting to and from work. This area has a great public transportation system for getting around and plenty of parking unlike some cities. It is known for many different restaurants that offer a wide array of cuisine to residents. It has fitness centers, great nightlife, and a great neighborhood spirit.


Central San Leandro / Industrial District

Do not let the Industrial name in this neighborhood scare you away. You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of amenities within walking and cycling distance of this community. You are less than five minutes from the Oakland International Airport and a short drive or bicycle ride to the marina's doting the coastline or the aquatic activities at Lake Chabot or the Knowland Park and Arboretum located to the east. You also have the benefit of being right off the major through ways in Oakland, Interstate 880 and Interstate 580. The heart of Oakland and California is a couple of minutes away from you.


Downtown San Leandro

Downtown San Leandro is nearby the well-known city of Oakland, California. The downtown area is known for the extremely large condos that can be purchased for a low price. Marina Breeze apartments is one of the many complexes bordering the coastline that are nice communities that people love calling home.
For those who enjoy having a nightlife and eating delicious food, Ricky's Sorts Theatre & Grill will make sure all of their needs are met. Downtown San Leandro is a laid back area. The downtown area is known for having farmers market every Wednesday, so if you are a person who stays in the house or like hanging out, it’s the perfect place for you. They have several group focused and individual focused attractions in the neighborhood.  


Heron Bay / Marina Vista

If you love the sea, then the Heron Bay / Marina Vista neighborhood is just for you. It does not matter whether you own a boat or not, if you love the sea, you are a stone's throw away from the ocean. The neighborhood is less than a mile south of the Oakland International Airport. You have miles of marina's with sea side dining to the north and south of our neighborhood. If you love the water and you love golf you will enjoy challenging the links of Monarch bay Golf Club and feeling the ocean spray as you play. The Heron Bay neighborhood is suburban and seaside living at its best.


Laua Manor

Many new residents have found that Luau Manor neighborhood offers all the amenities that you will need to enjoy their stay. It is an integral component of the greater San Leandro community. This has enabled it to develop its own unique identity and promote many new developments therein. When people arrive at this community, they will no doubt appreciate the chance to explore what it has to offer. It is within walking distance of schools, community centers and expansive shopping opportunities. These amenities add to the overall experience people can find when they arrive in the Laua Manor neighborhood.


Upper Bal (Halcyon Foothills North)

The Upper Bal neighborhood has an eclectic vibe and scenery. It is home to the historic Bal Theatre on E 14th Street, which hosts various events such as concerts, vintage movie nights and film festivals. There are plenty of places to shop including the Bayfair Center, which boasts both indoor and outdoor shops as well as several restaurants. There are many restaurants in town with familiar names like Chili's and Applebee's as well as family owned establishments. The area also offers several elementary, middle and high schools for children of every age. Most of the school campuses are located within walking distance.


Assumption Parish

Assumption Parish is a quiet tree lined middle class neighborhood filled with well-tended lawns. It's obvious from the well-kept homes in the neighborhood that residents really take pride in their homes. Which is also reflected in the low crime rate. Families will have a variety of private and public schools to choose from. Chocolate and coffee lovers will love to know Ghirardelli Factory Outlet and Starbucks is nearby as well as several other restaurants.

Fitness buffs have a multitude of facilities to choose from as well as various parks and Golf Courses. Oyster Bay shoreline is within walking distance if you fancy a swim in the ocean. This is an shoppers paradise you can find everything from Costco to Macy's whatever you're looking for Assumption Parish has it. If you prefer the mall check out Bayfair Center you are sure to find it there.



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