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City of Oakland California


The city of Oakland is one of the busiest cities in the San Francisco Bay. Oakland is a very culturally diverse city. Oakland is a cultural hub that offers its residents a wealth of neighborhood perks.  Its diversity makes for a tasty variety of multi-cultured cuisines. Although the city itself may be large, there is still a close-knit, city vibe. There are many employment and social opportunities available in Oakland. The coastal views and inland beauty creates an outstanding neighborhood scenery.  Oakland California is home to the legendary Paramount and Fox Theater. Oakland professional sports teams includes Oakland Raiders, Oakland A’s and Golden State Warriors. Oakland dedicated fans show pride and joy in their sports teams. The city of Oakland is filled with so much energy and great attractions. Oakland is full of history and is always writing its next chapter. Oakland is simply the best.
















Oakland Neighborhoods:


The Downtown Oakland neighborhood is densely populated and is the meeting point for a wealth of cultures. Around every corner is a unique store, restaurant, art venue and park. This neighborhood is the most vibrant melding between Bay Area industry and modern living. The population in this neighborhood are active, diverse and welcoming. This neighborhood is centered around the old Paramount Theater which is a century-old cultural stronghold for all types of artistic and cultural expressions. There are five public schools in downtown Oakland that have a perfect rating 10 out of 10. American Indian Public Charter School, American Indian Public High School, Chabot Elementary, Crocker Highlands Elementary School and Hillcrest Elementary School. The days are great in Downtown Oakland and the night life is even better.


West Oakland

The West Oakland neighborhood has a crystal clear bay miles of coastline.  West Oakland residents can enjoy boating, biking, hiking and other recreational amenities. When you feel like going out to eat, you can choose from a variety of places. Like barbecue? Try B-Side BBQ.  There are many large Victorian houses in the West Oakland neighborhood.  Many of these Victorians are being renovated and restored to their natural beauty.  There are several new housing developments being built.  This neighborhood is a hop skip and a jump away from San Francisco. West Oakland is a location you can settle in and feel like you’re at home right away. It doesn’t have a ton of traffic on its neighborhood streets, which make it perfect for kids. West Oakland is undergoing change and it’s moving in the right direction.


Jack London Square

Located in Oakland, California, the Jack London Square Neighborhood is an Oakland main attraction. The Jack London Square District that offers neighborhood shopping, restaurants and attractions. With everything from Korean BBQ to fresh Italian seafood. There is also several retail shops, movie theater, San Francisco commuter ferry station and more. Jack London Square has something for everyone. For those who love the nightlife, they can hang out at Yoshi's, a jazz club that offers live music. Early risers can watch the sun rise over the docks. Railroad fans can relish in the trains that literally share the road with cars. With all of its perks and unique vibe, Jack London Square is a place where anyone can call home.



Oakland's Chinatown neighborhood is an old and attractive neighborhood like any other in the city. This Pan-Asian community is extremely welcoming, and full of living spaces for anyone wanting to experience California through the culture of the Far East. This district is full of traditional Chinese culture yet adheres to modern city ordinances. Chinatown is an exciting and rich place to live. It provides opportunities for career, recreation and social interactions. The center of Chinatown at Webster St. is known for its cultural celebrations. Most of the residential units in Oakland's Chinatown are undergoing renovations and modernizations that will make living in this neighborhood extremely fun, culturally-charged, and perfect for any resident looking for life in an exotic region.


Fruitvale District

Fruitvale is a neighborhood in east Oakland, about two miles southeast of Lake Merritt. The largely Latino population is broken up into a number of small neighborhoods. The major commercial areas are home to a number of Latin based businesses, including some of the finest Hispanic food in the state, and hosts a number of events such as a Cinco de Mayo parade and a Dia de Los Muertos festival. Public transportation is wonderful in Fruitvale, with the Fruitvale BART Station connecting the city to the rest of the Bay Area. Fruitvale is within the Oakland Unified School District and includes Oakland Charter Academy.


San Antonio District

The history of the San Antonio District in Oakland, California can be seen on almost every street in this old historic city. The Highland Hospital is just one of the many architectural historic pieces located here and is truly a grand sight. The city is filled with a beautiful mixture of cultures from around the globe. Lush greenery surrounds the district as do gorgeous parks. Festivals and other local activities is what helps brings this community together.


Webster District

The Webster District neighborhood is a mixture between residential and commercial real estate.The commercial real estate mostly runs along the main streets. This is where you will find several beauty salons, local stores, boutiques, restaurants, healthcare providers, community organizations and more. The residential area consists of single family homes, apartments, schools, and parks. There is always affordable rentals available in this area. AC Transit Buses makes getting around and commuting from this neighborhood a breeze.



A vibrant, upscale neighborhood. That's what Rockridge is. Rockridge residents are involved in various community organizations. These organizations help maintain the quality of life in Rockridge.  You can safely stroll down streets of quaint shops and restaurants. You can spend time in the local greenbelt park, which features a butterfly garden. In the mood for some ice cream? Rockridge is headquarters for Dreyer's, which has an ice cream parlor on the premises. This area also has a K-5 school, a technical high school and an independent high school. Rockridge also has a BART Station and public transportation is always available. The Rockridge neighborhood has many amenities such as banks, churches, shopping center and more.


Elmhurst District

The Elmhurst neighborhood has a lot of cozy homes, apartments and duplexes. This neighborhood has a diverse population and is largely populated. There has been several famous R&B artsists that originated from this neighborhood, including Keyshia Cole. This community is undergoing a lot of changes to help better the area as a whole. Many of the residents have very strong ties to the neighborhood and is proud to call Elmhurst neighborhood their home. There are a lot families in this neighborhood. The Elmhurst Community Prep school is one of the highlights of the community. This East Oakland neighborhood boasts popularity and character.


Bushrod Park-North Oakland

Bushrod Park is a community in a North Oakland neighborhood. The neighborhood scenery is expansive and less urban than the more populated areas. Mountain views and wide open spaces make the neighborhood vibe serene and cozy. Families enjoy neighborhood perks that include access to the 10 acre park Bushrod Ballfields. Sankofa Academy and Peralta Elementary are two neighborhood schools that enhance the family atmosphere. Neighborhood restaurants include several Ethiopian and Korean styles of dining and the favorite breakfast spot, Mama's Royal Café. The open landscape is perfect for small markets, shops and the popular farmers market.



Temescal is an inviting neighborhood in Oakland California. It is one of the most established residential areas in California. Temescal was named after the Temescal Creek, an important and vital water source. Temescal has an upscale commercial area that includes several shops and eateries. Some of the most notable includes Homeroom, Manifesto, Tara's Organic Ice Cream, Pizzaiolo, Bakesale Betty and Subrosa Coffee. The diverse area also caters to the art savvy. Studio One provides art classes to young and old and several workshops throughout the year. There is also Temescal Pool, which is open to the public located next door to Studio One. This neighborhood is perfect for the young and the young at heart.


Oakland Hills

Oakland Hills is a spacious neighborhood that lies east of State Route 13 and I-580. This neighborhood is well known for historically having a low crime rate, lower unemployment rates, and higher income households than other areas of Oakland California. The neighborhood has spacious views of the bay, large open land, and secluded, quiet roads. Oakland Hills has several high rated schools ranging from elementary to high school. Bentley School, Joaquin Miler Elementary School, Skyline Preschool, Skyline High School, and Oakland Hebrew Day School are among them. A vast amount of restaurants encompass all types of food, from Italian to pizza, satisfying all types of hunger and cravings within the neighborhood limits. These include Italian Colors Restaurant, Red Boy Pizza, Flavors of India, Montclair Bistro, and several others. It’s also home to Oakland Zoo, Samuel Merritt College, Chabot Space & Science Center and Redwood Regional Park. The Oakland Hills offers high quality parks, hiking, a quiet atmosphere, and vast scenic views. The Oakland Hills is where many rich and/or famous call home.


Lake Merritt/Lakeshore

The Lake Merritt/Lakeshore neighborhood in Oakland, California is tranquil. It is a short walk from Lake Merritt, Oakland's crown jewel that is an ideal place to stop before or after a leisurely stroll along the water. At night you can enjoy the necklace of lights surrounding it. The areas claim to fame is it is the site of America’s first wildlife sanctuary. If you have children they would love Children’s Fairyland. The two commercial centers are mellow and there are plenty of restaurants and retails shops. The homes and apartments are beautiful and the crime rate is low. This is one of the best neighborhoods to move to if you’re moving to Oakland.


Lakeside Apartment District

The historic area in Oakland, California known as the Lakeside Apartments district obtained its unique name from the many gorgeous historic apartments in the neighborhood. The eye catching apartments are not the only attraction to this beautiful area. Lakeside Park is another gorgeous place that families venture to on a daily basis. The park is home to the very first American official wildlife refuge and also houses a massive, gorgeous cultivated garden. Culture is another motto for this district as the Malonga Casquelourd Arts Center calls this city home. Local transportation makes travel within the district extremely easy and is very affordable.



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