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City of Castro Valley California


Welcome to Castro Valley! The city of Castro Valley is located less than a half hour east of San Francisco. This community is home to the famous Adobe Art Center, serving local artists since 1978. If you prefer outdoor recreation, spend some time at Lake Chabot or swim at Cull Canyon Park. Castro Valley has over 80 restaurants and is easily accessible by personal vehicles or public transportation. The Castro Valley School District provides its local residents with exceptional education and passion. The school district works with several city organizations to ensure the city continues to grow and prosper. You should take the time to see everything Castro Valley has to offer. It may take a while, it’s a lot.




















Castro Valley Neighborhoods:


Central Castro Valley

The neighborhood of Central Castro Valley California is friendly and affordable. It has great schools including
its public schools. The community prides itself on supporting both children and their parents. One thing that makes the neighborhood stand out is its people. They will make you feel welcomed and you will love their farmers market. The residents and merchants will be sure to make you feel welcomed. The neighborhood is known for being a safe place to live even at night. Its location provides for an easy commute by highway or public transportation. Lake Chabot provides hiking, biking and fishing opportunities or just a cool place to gather for a picnic.


Downtown Castro Valley

Downtown Castro Valley is one of the friendliest neighborhoods in the region. Neighbors are truly friends and the community vibe is evidenced by the great public schools and clean public transportation options. In addition to feeling genuinely welcomed by their neighbors, residents of Downtown Castro Valley can count on their choice of beautiful and affordable housing options. The diversity of the neighborhood has resulted in great ethnic restaurants and fusion cuisine specialties that have become very popular in recent years. Wide streets and ample sidewalk space ensure that the community can stay healthy by walking after eating those rich and delicious meals.


HillCrest Knolls

HillCrest Knolls is a magnificent neighborhood in the Castro Valley area of California and is a beautiful and special place to live. The area is pristine and full of natural allure with breath taking views of hills and valleys and luscious flowing creeks. The area is unincorporated, so it enjoys benefits of not having certain city regulations. The area is serviced and governed by the county of Alameda, which provides such things as police services. The area is affluent with nice neighbors, above average property values, and low crime rates. The area enjoys such entertainment as the Chabot Cinema movie theater, the Castro Village Complex, and the Harry Rowell Rodeo Ranch.


The Ridges

Castro Valley is a diverse rural town with a population of 60,000. It is located in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, California. Within this town is a neighborhood known as the Ridges. It’s perfectly nestled in the Castro Valley Hills. The area schools is phenomenal. The housing here was built in the 1960's and 70's. It is all beautifully maintained and looks nice. This is an upper middle class neighborhood. The median price for a home is $550k. It is the most expensive neighborhood in Castro Valley and offer plenty of great views from the local Greenwich Park.


Central East Castro Valley

There are few areas in California as welcoming as Central East Castro Valley. From the neighborhood perks that are exclusive to this part of the state to the breathtaking scenery that resides just on the outskirts of the developments, this is a great area to invest in and to call home. The neighborhood scenery gives way to beautiful properties that are consistently increasing in value as each year passes. People are discovering the quality of the neighborhood schools and relaxing in the comfort of the unique and cultural neighborhood vibe. Everything that makes an area desirable is present in East Castro. The comforts of home can still be within minutes of exciting neighborhood shopping while all of the necessities such as gyms, health care, and parks are scattered among amazing neighborhood restaurants.


Northeast Castro Valley

Looking for a clean and beautiful, yet family oriented place to call your home? If you answered yes you are in the right place. The Northeast Castro Valley neighborhood in Castro Valley, California is that place. Northeast Castro Valley is known for their amazing homes and apartments, which are very affordable. The nearby shopping centers, restaurants, beauty salons are big on customer service. As a resident of the Northeast Castro Valley neighborhood, you will become acquainted to a restaurant called Café Rumi. This restaurant is one of the most cherished around and has the most amazing foods. O yea, we can’t forget about the kiddos there are tons of local parks for the kids to enjoy.


East Side

You can watch beautiful sunsets over the Castro Valley or San Leandro Hills, or take jogs by the San Lorenzo creek in the beautiful city of Castro Valley. If you’re looking for a place to live, you won’t be disappointed with the great atmosphere and entertainment. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture in the area, and many national historic landmarks. This area has some of the best schools in the state, and has many activities for individuals and families. You can enjoy the fine local cuisine, and there is always something to do. The East side of Castro Valley is one of the most desired places to live in the state of California.


West Castro Valley

The West Castro Valley neighborhood in Castro Valley, California is ideal for any renter or home owner. The neighborhood vibe is welcoming and friendly. One of the perks of living in the neighborhood is the close proximity of many shopping and restaurant locations. The Silver Spoon is a popular dining spot for many residents, some people travel far distances just to indulge in this gourmet cuisine. The Castro Village Shopping Center offers a wide variety of stores to fit all your shopping needs. Castro Valley has a lot of nature sceneries. There is plenty of space to walk your dogs and let your children burn off energy. West Castro Valley neighborhood is a wonderful place to call home.


Castro Valley Hills

Castro Valley Hills neighborhood have more than 4,000 residents. The neighborhood consists mainly of married couples and families with children who attend schools in the Castro Valley Unified School District. Most of the residents are homeowners. While most of the buildings are residential, restaurants such as Rigatoni's, Don Jose's and Genghix provide a variety of cuisines for hungry diners. The Castro Valley Hills area is a short drive to Lake Chabot, Castro Valley Park and Parsons Park. This neighborhood is the typical picture of an upscale suburban hillside neighborhood.





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