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Northwest Gainesville Apartments -- Living Just Outside the Hustle and Bustle


Ask the locals, and they'll tell you that there are some great apartments in northwest Gainesville -- especially if you're looking for a slightly slower pace. Specifically, this neighborhood is located near Devil's Milhopper Geological State Park, in between 8th Avenue and 39th Avenue, about five miles northwest of the University of Florida campus.

Why should you rent an apartment in northwest Gainesville?

- Because this neighborhood isn't just for students

Northwest Gainesville has become a popular neighborhood for families and young professionals who need to be close to the UF campus -- without living in a place that feels like it belongs in Animal House!

Yes, you'll certainly see students in this neighborhood, but you won't feel overwhelmed by them like you would in other parts of town. Instead, you'll be greeted by quiet, tree-lined streets. In fact, many of the Gainesville locals like heading up here to take in all of the green space!


- Because it's close to Santa Fe College

When most people think of Gainesville, they think of UF, but it's not the only school in town! Santa Fe College was originally a community college, but starting in 2009, it started offering four-year degrees. Its main campus is in northwest Gainesville, just east of I-75, so whether you're a student, a professor, or an employee there, an apartment in northwest Gainesville will be very convenient.


- Because you'll have an easy way to get around

39th Avenue will give you direct access to I-75, so whether you're hitting the road for the weekend or simply want to head to the south side of town without a bunch of stoplights getting in your way, it's easy to do.


- Because good shopping is close by

Your northwest Gainesville apartment will only be a few minutes north of The Oaks Mall. If you're willing to spend a few extra minutes heading west, you can also give your credit card a workout at Tioga Town Center. And, since both 39th Avenue and 43rd Street are such busy thoroughfares, you'll find plenty of shops along both.


- Because the food is good, too

As you drive along 39th Avenue and 43rd Street, you'll also notice a wide variety of restaurants. There aren't quite as many to choose from as there are on Archer Road, but there's still plenty here to keep your taste buds busy! One of the most popular places is the appropriately-named Northwest Grille, which specializes in local seafood and also has a good Sunday brunch.